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"The essence of our beingness lies in the seams between movement and stillness".



We are made by movement for movement. The essence of our beingness lies in the seams between movement and stillness. And there too, shall you find the freedom to create who you wish to be, as you sort out what belongs within and what doesn’t.

 As a child, growing up in Canada, my mother, a housewife, loved to stroll in malls. Not my favorite destination but there was one thing about it that I relished, the bookstores. I’d sit on the floor by the bookshelves and look through pages of texts. There was magic in merely holding a book in my hands. As a child, I was fascinated by all the existing words, so many were they that they could fill up an entire book. When I was old enough to understand that a person had actually put the words there, I, wanted to be one of those to put words on pages. I had so many stories inside of me, bubbling, flying around like wild butterflies, so many. I didn’t know at the time, that the longing was also, one of movement. Being a girl-child of a lovely proper housewife did not make room for the inner wild essence. But it could never be tamed. No one knew, there was a living artist, a creator, a passionate lover of life buried deep inside the body of this book and word loving child. I knew.

And then something happened. I dared to explore, to question my own values and the conditions they where steeped in. I dared to look beyond the stories told by the “gurus“, the status quo. As the unraveling of conditionings and norms took pace, so did the unpacking of my own willingness to explore and further on, to even share with others my discoveries as well as inspire new ones.

There are no hesitations, although I do remind myself from time to time, that I am in my own way. This note to self is crucial on the journey of unveiling and sharing movement and awareness. It is a courageous thing to devote oneself to explorations, examinations, experimentation and experience. What the churning of the depths unravels, is not glitter and gold, but loving acceptance. The rewards of mindfully saying yes, will move you in the direction of meaningfulness and deep peace. Life is organic, evolving and unfolding. Resistance is the nihilation of movement, freedom and Love. Fear - and such is plenty around us - tempts us to stay where we are, in the delusions of it. Movement is the antidote to stuckness. One step, one word, one decision, and you are on your way.

Learning how to share your story and what story to tell will inspire your movements, your movement will inform your story and you will lead with integrity and ease as awareness is untethered.


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