Unwrapping the mystery beyond the Pitch.



How wonderful, to have the gift of expression and the ability to release it




But also, what a treasure, to be part of the unveiling of someone's story, the mystery, called a person, a life. Yet, we are asked, no we are prompted, to settle for a pitch, on both sides. That magical personal pitch, that 3 sec story that will disclose the essence of curiosity and make us want ever more. Netflix is a master of this game.

 I guess it's no wonder that there is no shortage of such trainings and practices. KNOW YOUR STORY, TELL YOUR STORY, BRIEFLY AND ENGAGING. Now, I profoundly understand the importance of this. It's necessary. Have a story about yourself that you can tell a complete stranger in an elevator on the way up to the office (preferably up, since on the way down and out of the building, might mean you have more time for questions and conversation while walking to the nearest café where you settle of a mocca-latte and a bagel enthralled in the stories that you tell each other, and that would just ruin the whole "one-minute-pitch-about-yourself-practice" - or ... was this the result of it? Hmm? I'm intrigued).

 I. Am no master of the short, personal and professional pitch (as you might have noticed). I do not think I'm interested in being a master of such a thing, but I could be, had the willingness been present. The pitch is all about time and timing (in my point of view), as is the long engaging story. Time and attention. And we don't have it, most of the time. But see, isn't this the point? Must we create more time efficient personal-encounter-methods? Or do we not just need to slow down the whole apparatus and pay more attention, be curious, listen more? We have time, that is all we have, until we don't - that means we're dead. Really.

You know the term "unboxing"? it refers to the process of opening and receiving (yes i mean it in that order), of a certain product. And then exploring all the parts and pieces and functions, curiously. A presentation of a human being - when trying to capture that core essence in a Pitch - is an in-boxing. Obviously, it needs to be so for reasons stated above, time efficiency and the suffering of attention deficiency, so bring on the dopamine quickly! May I add self-importance also (well there, I just did) - we take a selfie (or be "selfied") rather then take a "friendie" - you know what I mean. We need the essence or at least something interesting to begin with in presenting ourselves - inboxing. Not all things are important, not all parts and pieces are necessary, nor are they always available to us - we rarely know ourselves that well, and when/if we do, I think the right pith is "I am no one" (go figure the philosophy ?).

Un-boxing is ever more interesting and rewarding for both the presenter and the receiving end. It takes a lifetime to get to know anyone. The most significant parts to be unwrapped - good or not so good - happen under the sheets - of illusion. (Gotcha there for a moment ?). The best sides of a person may take time to uncover, and it may be so that standing on the receiver's end requires the willingness to allow for an unwrapping of the mystery called a person. We should get out of our way, and have the time, from time to time to uncover more of the story, once the initial pitch has been made.

If you wish to unwrap your insights and thoughts, please share. I will listen.

// Alex

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