The Blessings…

... of  vulnerability.

The answer is in the emotion.

If you pay attention, you will sense a clear vibration, moving you like a compass. You will know exactly what needs to be done. Do you go? Do you do it?

If you're somewhat like me, you wait it off for a while, quite a long while, maybe years. You tell yourself it's nothing, it'll pass, it's just your imagination, it's not relevant to what you actually want - or the wants of others, it's not appropriate, there's no time for it, or all of the above. But see, it's not the emotion that's fooling you, it's your regard to it, your understanding of it, your fear of it. Your emotion, again, is accurate information, your guiding light, so to speak. But we all do it, we dismiss it, we do it "our" way, or rather, the way of whatever around us is suggesting, the feeling - runs the show. The feeling is a translation - not the truth - of your emotion, is the translation assisting you or limiting you? 

We will have our whole life to practice listening and moving in accordance with our inner compass. There will be plenty of opportunities for practice and the more we practice the more integrity we build, the more awareness we cultivate, the more trust we put into ourselves.

E-Motion. Move. Towards your longing for wholeness, completeness, freedom. Those are opposites of fitting in, doing what others tell you, conforming to the status quo. Sometimes, sometimes the external and the internal input coalesce and there is no friction. Sometimes it works that way. 

Navigate emotion like a captain navigates the oceans. Allow yourself to soak in the waters of vulnerability.

Love // Alex

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