The suffocation of greatness  

She’s one of those, honest ones, authentic they say. It is said she lives her truths, she goes through fire for what she believes. She’s intriguing as much as she is terrifying. She is warm and cold at once. She will stop at nothing to do, care, love, create … keep a promise. She’s at the front line. She fears only one thing. Being hurt. And still she stands there, being hurt, abused, lied to, and manipulated. At once loved, feared and rejected. Their temptations make them mad. She is luring, intimidating, they say.

The Goddess, Kali, she speaks her mind, her heart. 

She is brutally disciplined. Her promises are sacred. Her loyalty to what she believes in, and to those she loves, is unshakable, not often to her advantage. Her sweetness and willingness to serve is misunderstood, she does not try to be nice, she does not intend to be anyone’s property.

The difficulty lies not in letting go, but in seeing the it has already been done to her. 

Her path shines too bright. She closes her eyes, drawing her swords as the demons approach. She is a warrior, Kali. However broken, shaken, bruised, she will always be a warrior.

Who is the Kali in your life. She needs to know, you love her, you’re there for her. You are grateful for her. She is strong, not numb.

Love// Alex

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