I died a hundred times …

to be reborn again with a new lesson learned…

… and five new ones on my plate, every time. Like a hiccup, annoying, exhausting and no scaring it off will do. But like the cherry bloom of springtime, painfully beautiful with the desire for a new chance at that passionate revival, the impossible of forever. I died a hundred times, at the hands of my longings and principles, to be reborn again, into a knowing shared by no one, as it felt. For every death of an old truth, for every letting go, there is a call to surrender. A soaking of Ego into Loving humility. 

Friend from afar, you are an unwinding of spring blessings, released by Grace, infused with temptation. 

In every moment, from the surface of my skin down to my deep ends, you are there. Tethered to my sweet spots. You are there. And still i look for you…

For every death, a realization. A clearer vision of where we must go. For every awakening, a light streams upon our faces. For every death, reborn again into a new lesson. Released into what is, what must be, into freedom. In this Life of explorations, we are each other’s journey, the well from which we saturate our longings.

I drink your water, you breathe into my lungs. 

Love// Alexandra

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