When the journey requires new shoes

The same person, kind of…

But, if you’d ask these shoes about their owner, they’d say, the feet that took them off for the last time, are the same feet that moved in, years ago, they just have many more miles in them now. At the end of the journey the shoes are left behind, but the walk continues, the journey goes on. 

Like an old lover, fading away into the sunset and forever gone, leaving me only memories at the shore of Now. I’m a bit shaky, estranged to this world that looks the same but is different. I long sometimes, for those old shoes, they knew the roads well, and i followed. Now i walk without the comfort of habits, somewhat disassembled and somehow slightly more whole. How can that be?

May my old shoes, that have served me so bravely and been loyal beyond what i’ve deserved, lay to rest, while my legs carry me on, into new ventures, with many miles of experience in every step. 

So inspired by the poet David Whyte. We are all where we need to be. Learning, growing, involves letting go of what opened our eyes to begin with, so we can stay with the vision we have been blessed with. 

The beautiful horizon, is in ones heart, at ones feet, even after many miles. 

With gratitude.

Love Alex

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