Air. Element of the Heart.

Relationship  needs only a single thought. 

Heart needs only a breath to share her love. 

As spring approaches, with sunshine, melting snow and the occasional snowflakes persistently offering their presence through the sky, it seems that the heart also loosens her grip, slowly. It is, as if she relaxes, she remembers the sweetness from yesterday past, and courageously readys herself for tomorrow.

When they say, Love is in the air, they’re right, according to the sages of Yoga. Thet say emotions, ride on air. They find their way, from heart to heart, connecting to a heart in the next room or miles aways, just by breathing with intention. Imagine, if that where true, since we are in relationship with anyone who enters our mind. We are connected to anyone who engages our heart. 

We could send healing energy, loving thoughts, and gratitude, and know we touched them, those whom’s heart we keep in ours. We could release our bitterness and sorrow, knowing we are reached by someone’s forgiveness and blessings. We could recall loving desires and sweet encounters, and send them off from yesterday to now, with a smile, blessed for every moment of joy that was lived. 

We are hearts flowing, seeking. Needing to be touched, asking to be released, to be forgiven and healed by the grace of Love. 

May we have the strength to love, and the courage to be loved. 

Peace // Alex

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