…is a creative condition  provoked out of the depth of Love

As soon as i think i know, clarity hits me, reminding me i know nothing at all. Or rather, whatever i thought i knew, is challenged. And i am asked to go deeper. Deeper. To depths i have never been before. The abyss of emotions, where all the raw materials of my being are.  

I surrender. 

In that space of unknowing, where one can only go by Breath, guided by Love, one comes across the fears and nightmares, the goblins and creatures guarding the Gates of the Deep. One might meet with ancestors long forgotten and the child from a distant past. They shall all be greeted, compassionately and with gratitude. The hero’s journey, is one of creativity and spontaneous outbursts of courage. 

As we release the shame and burdens of “what-ifs”and make the dive within, we will, it seems, spontaneously recover in rebirth, transformed and at Home.  

I am immensely grateful, for the present moment and every moment leading up to this one, for being breathed, inspired by every inhale, and relieved with every exhale, and, for the ability to feel all the emotions i can contain in this body. I love. I am. 

Thank you. For everything.

// Alex 

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