Focus goes …

where energy flows.

Integrity in the pose. Good alignment. 

This is what we are taught to have. Move from the inside, place yourself mindfully around the mat. Be with your breath, be present. The purpose, is to move through the sequences by intelligence of the body, with awareness. No judgement. The breath will never judge you, she will never impose anything onto you. On our mat, we stretch towards acceptance, foundation, space, love. Breath, will give you all the information you need. Listen carefully. 

When “off the mat”, are we still reaching with awareness towards the same things? More likely, in our day to day life we forget the wisdom from that once-a-week yoga scene. Our attention is claimed by distractions. No need to judge or feel guilty about putting off our sincere efforts in a daily practice. Judging won’t serve us anyway. You see, the practice is everywhere, anywhere,  in every moment. Catch yourself and study the energy around your inner conversations. This is what the asana practice teaches us. It places us in position(s) that challenge our habits while staying attentive to what goes on. it is a worn out expression, but it’s all about cultivating awareness.

Integrity is about holding space for that awareness. This is what we do when we settle into a solid foundation, moving in alignment with intention and breath. Yes we stumble and loose ground at times, this also is part of the journey, not necessarily bad nor good, but essential to our awakening. We get up and we try again. 

Integrity also means acknowledging and respecting our boundaries and limitations. We all have them, both emotionally, physically and mentally. Our spiritual evolution (or yoga practice) is not about eliminating them from our being. It’s about embracing them and transforming them through understanding and acceptance. 

There is a glorification of going beyond expansion, becoming more, something better, someone else… physically and emotionally. The ”practice” has converted into escapism rather than being directed towards inner workings and contentment. Actually the real mystery and the adventure, are right here. No special equipment, nor complicated techniques needed. No specific environment nor guru attached. You’re all set just as you are. The connections will be revealed once you focus.

The fine-tuning of the senses, the inner workings, take time and diligence. It is a courageous act to trust in oneself, to listen inwardly, be content with what is. This requires letting go of what we think should come next and what it should look like. This awareness we’re seeking only needs our presence and attention.

I have seen so many dear ones, give away there power and silence their common sense  (that which is awareness speaking to you), for the sake of the extravagant, trusting in external forces driven by unhealthy Egos. There is a difference between being inspired, studying with the teachers, and blindly following the crowd or the ”guru”. Your heart is always telling you the truth. It may ask of you to stretch your mind and breath into that space, it might be intimidating, but your heart will always follow.


This summer in june, Dharma and Lucky Bodies&Happy Souls are offering an Urban Retreat in Palma, where we will be exploring vulnerability, stillness courage and contentment. Welcome to join us!

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