Where do we go from here?

There is so much more waiting to be unpacked!

Stop apologizing. Stop being intimidated by your own greatness. Stop making excuses and stop being humble, there is time for that. Move on with that crazy idea. Make your thing. Speak your mind. Move. Don’t worry about failing. Yes you will, let’s call it experience. Anticipate and plan for success. 

Serve from full heartedness and with no specific expectations. Stay with it. Have fun. HAVE FUN!! Allow yourself to make misstakes. You have to. An endeavor where no mistakes are allowed suck the humanity, the vulnerability, the creativity and ease out of the challenge, that which you’re trying to create. So allow for blunders. Know when to let go and move on, which doesn’t mean giving up, it means opening for new opportunities and knowledge. Holy Fuck!! This one is so fucking hard. 

Be GRATEFUL!! Count your blessings. If you are here now, reading this, you already have so much to be grateful for. Sooth your heart and mind with gratitude.

Have a circle of friends and companions, whom you are grateful to be around, people who you look up to, fierce, bold and wild ones. People who are creative, openminded and positive. But most importantly people who want you to succeed, who believe in you, and who will breathe into you inspiration and strength when you are out. 

READ BOOKS!! Hang out with the creative force of great minds through books. (Really, i don’t get people who don’t read books). Meditate in bookstores and libraries. 

If you honestly ask yourself, “am i worth it”, what is your answer? Be sincere. The answer to this question, might be the sole information you need to move on.

Write down who you want to be. Take your time to visualize this exquisite, beautiful, strong, courageous being. Now go be it. 

Love// Alex 

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