It feels like you see it.

It looks how you feel.

And you will most probably remember it that way.

You know, that memory of how something felt, we might not quite remember the details of what was seen or heard, but boy do we feel it. 

I’ll be venturing on an exploration of the inner workings of experience. I’ll share my thoughts and discoveries with you of course. How else am i to learn?

I’m fascinated by the complex fabric of intention, habit and desire. How the wisdom of the east and the sciences of the west meet at an intersection of explanations. The only wrong explanation of Life, is one which claims to be the the only Truth. Although, maybe there is ONE, with many many roads journeys.

Let’s see what the wise ones have to say, and what has been said from traditions of the Heart and of the Mind. It’s exciting! Living is fascinating, and all that makes up for this miracle are gems of understanding and mysteries to be uncovered and touched upon. Obviously, the Universe is vast, as well as the inner landscape. 

A Body of pleasures and pain and tabus and amazement and glory and Love.

Let’s play.

Love Alex

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