Time passes, time heals and re-assembles

… and sometimes you let your guard down …

… and you unexpectedly realize that some things will have the purpose of reminding you of what is still to be released, or might never be completely released. That spot in your heart, a little empty room, once filled with, something, now echos nostalgia, a home sickness, or a longing, or just an abandoned plan still hoping to be looked at.

I walk passed these rooms of yesterday’s hopes and dreams, not quite knowing what to do with them. Some have recently become vacant and the fragrance of their memories is still strong, sweet and bitter, and exciting and soothing and painful. A couple in particular can lure me in an instant. I guess, not enough time has passed there yet. 

I have been (in my opinion) thoroughly taught to embrace Life, come what may. She will offer the necessary means for growth and evolution, “your mission, should you choose to accept it”. 

I have been letting go, closing doors, ending stories that have been playing for too long. As one road leads to an end, another path is revealed, a new story finds its roots and evolves. 

And well, maybe one needs to let the guard down, sometimes. Let whatever, happen. Take a stool into that empty fragrant room, and sit, have that conversation, be lured into its charm and complexities and be in the Grace of its teachings. 

New stories will be told, while old ones will be buried. Past and present will be reconciled and welcome the  blessings of the future. 

No rooms will be emptied, cleaned or closed, without your permission. No doors will open without your guard having to take a break. 

Love// Alex

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