God Is A Dancer

I AM A Dancer

Rhythm …

… is my teacher. 

Had i not been a teacher of yoga movement, i would’ve been a full-time student of dance. 

I am sometimes asked what i would do, had i not taught yoga. Since i’ ve been doing it for so long, i can hardly imagine what that would be. I would teach what i know, i would teach that which i myself needed to learn, i guess, i would do what i am doing. 

Life is unfolding in unsuspected ways. I exhale, and exhale again, allowing myself to be breathed by the Rhythm. And it seems, sometimes, as if i myself do nothing, but am moved in the directions intended. It’s been a while, since i had the illusion of knowing what comes next. I’m lingering at the tips of Life’s fingers. She leads, and i follow. I have never before, followed. I’ve always wanted, needed, to lead. That is why i insist i’m really bad at dancing with a partner. I want to lead, always. I will not, would not, let go, accept for once … I let go, i let him lead. That is another story. 

Oh my Lord! The freedom of movement! The blessing, the therapy in it. Had i not danced …? My practice is to dance, every day, in my heart, at my feet, unapologetically, fiercely, courageously …  passionately, to every and any melody. And this is what i teach. May we all have the courage to embrace the Rhythm and linger on Her melody. It seems to me, that when we do, the music never ends. She plays Herself according to the Grace of Life, continuously inviting us to join in, to let go, to be led. The Rhythm is and begins on the inside you see. I know it to be so. 

May we be happy, free and joyfully obeying the creative flow of movement. 

Love// Alex

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