Blissful Sweet Bitter Pain

 You complete me.

November's embrace, waiting just around the corner. You have been breathing in my ear, the secret colors of your skin. October smile, you bring out the best of me. You remind me of who i am, and what is lost on me. A smile, a kiss, a well of wishes. 

Exhale, it's all over. It's all gone. Let it go, let it be. Fresh start, new beginnings. And how i have longed for you, in my every breath, with every drop of tears. 

Just let me look at you, dear Beloved. So i can see me. Bathing in the shimmy. 

Exhale, it's all over. Tell your Stories, Be your Self. Wonder, has no limits, no agenda. She comes with November, she is the Breath in your ear. The kiss, the embrace. She lingers in-between, under your skin, the foggy connection between You and Me. 

Love// Alex

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