Letter to all who have loved…

... and lost. And still long. 

Dear one. Sweet Lover.

Breathe beloved one. Allow the pain to penetrate your heart, exhale and release. Again, and again and again. It will not kill you, although, yes it feels just so. Let it through. Believe in your strength, believe you will become stronger. Believe it will pass. Time and stillness and deep breath carry you. You are not alone. The Earth, She feels your pain, stand barefoot upon Her soil, and allow Her to ground you. You are not alone. The winds embrace you, caressing your face, your body, you are not left alone. As the rain falls, she will soak you and cleans you, stand in her grace, let her linger on your skin, let her sooth you. 

Breathe dear one, the Breath of Life, this Force won't leave you to drown. Lift your eyes, reach out, I will reach for you. I will not let go of you. Trust in your strength, in My Strength.

Cherish the memories, don't long for them. Look through the windows of yesterday and witness the joy, the passion, the excitement, but don't grip, soften your hands. Let it go. Be grateful, for what was possible, and what will be possible again. Be patient, be open. For all the Love in the world is within you. All the Glory in the Universe is tethered to you. Be patient Love. You will feel again that which is beautiful, magical, awesome, sensual. 

Be Patient Sweet One. This too, shall pass. An new embrace will be there for you. Another gaze to dive in awaits. Let Wonder in. Smile to the world. I will smile back at you. 

Be Brave dear one. Let go, fall into Grace. Relax your emotions.

You are Glorious. You where then, You will always be.


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