Strength is proven only…

when it is truly tested.

And when the test has been completed, that which was strong will become invincible, maybe even irredeemable. Something will break, and make room for something else to grow, and shine forth. A wise friend has said: Life happens for you, not to you. I contemplate this idea with frustration and amusement. She happens for us, offering the gift of challenge, the weights necessary for the development of patience and endurance as well as for the cultivation of compassion, which we probably have the least of for ourselves in difficult times. This too shall pass, as will the longings of yesterday.

These waters i am called to navigate are completely new to me. My breath is taken daily, i am asked to be patient while my desire is as strong as any mountain. The ultimate challenge, is to let go of desire. The requirement is to flow softly with the stream, trusting the winds and the waves. No struggle, just move with ease into the unknown. 

We are given the challenges we need to evolve and to unfold. Freedom will always be the state within, not bound to the circumstances in which we live.  

May we find each other were we need to grow, may we be undefeatable.  

This too shall pass, and a new beginning will emerge, light will shine through the crackling walls of yesterday. As the heart brakes open, the rivers will flow strong as ever.

Love // Alex

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