New Outlooks, Old Eyes

I speak of truth, so i have to live it.

How easy it is, to look from afar and see the whole picture. We see different things, obviously, depending on who we are and the truths we live by. But still, there's a scenery, open and wide to take in. 

Sometimes, standing from a distance, you see the small disturbances in the big picture. And sometimes, you reach into the frame to change them, or remove them. Sometimes, if you're in too long, or too deep, you're feet won't hold you to the earth and you might just get caught in the story, in that minute detail, that you wanted to change. However now, deeply drawn into the midst of it, you can no longer see what you were attempting to recover, or change, or remove. It has you. 

Clarity, can only be seen at a distance, not necessarily physically, although that might help. Also, a distraction might be the thing that is needed to shake one out of the ordinary and into something new. (I'm not saying that the ordinary is a bad thing).

The process of change, can take so long. So long, that one starts forgetting the bigger picture, once one has been swallowed by the details. Suddenly, that distraction comes along, that leap out of the framework, or that little reminder pops up again, but this time it sticks. Suddenly, the world is turned upside-down. The obvious is invincible. To surrender, is all one can do.

The roller coaster of this summer, has shown me wide sceneries, and deep pits. Breathtaking, all the way. But eventually, one must bring breath back, inhale again. 

Nothing is as i thought it would be. Or rather, i didn't quite have a plan, other then freedom and passionately living it. I figure, i've always tried to control everything, maybe i could just try to flow along now. See what happens, be ready. For what? I don't know, for something spectacular. My dreams. 

This is where the practice begins. 

Love// Alex

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