About the hugging

And the false extrovert reputation

 Dear friends

If you find the following words offending, please take a look at your ego. Also my intention is not to offend anyone, but to simply make a point.

I won’t be posting quite as frequently as i usually do for a time. Now some of you will go ”oh, finally, i can go back on social media” and others will go  ”oh no! Wtf – meaning what the fuck – why!?”

What does this mean? It means, no Kitchen Conversations for a while, no small talks, no videos of me ”performing” asana, no wisdom quotes, no bikini photos (yeah! It’s summer, I’ve posted a couple of those), no, no, no. However, i’m not zooming out completely, you might get the eventual feet in the sand pics and a cat now and then.

I love you, but, and (can’t decide on which to use), i love me too. My waterhole, my breathing space, is my alone time. Please don’t rush up to me when you see me in the street to greet and ask about my days and whereabouts. If i see you i will greet you! I am not rude. (But if you think i am, you should probably ask yourself why you think you are entitled to my attention, or anyone else’s for that matter). 

Please, no routine hugging just because that’s the way people automatically seem to say hello these days. I’m not a hugger!!! For real, really! I trust you like me without the hugging. And please trust that if i took the time to stop, greet you and smile to your face, i like you too. There has been too much hugging!! I am good at sensing if a hug is in place. Don’t just presume that i want to hug everyone i meet. NO! Stop it! I will hug you if i know you well and if it feels appropriate. Yes, i’m sorry for hurting your feelings, truly sincerely, but i am very selective with whom i press my body into. Please don’t feel bad about it. Just respect that we are all different.

So an explanation. I am an introvert. Some of you will go ”yeah right i’ve read i few things about that and you my dear are not… ”. Please stop assuming.

I am NOT an extrovert just because i post a lot on social media, or because i occasionally make you laugh, or because i talk a lot. I speak frequently in class, because it’s my job to do so, i give talks and lectures, i’m a teacher. I post on social media (preferably instagram because there’s not as much babbling there) because i enjoy it and it’s a great way to be social without actually having people around. I don’t particularly enjoy social gatherings, not because i don’t like people, but because of the intense energy dynamics i have to cope with (and the hugging that i have to defend myself against). Being playful and freaky in certain companies doesn’t make it an aquirement of mine that i have to reveal all the time. It just means that i’m in that place of being, feeling open and at ease and that i will very soon retreat to my solitude. I am an introvert. I like my alone time, i like quiet and solitude, not forever but much of the time. I will not stick around just to stick around. I will not dance just because the music is on. (My friends will know how picky and selective i am). I will meet you and be together, one on one or in small groups of friends. Fika is the best! This is important to me, one might ask why all the fuss about it. Well … it’s important. 

This is not a Fuck-You-leave-me-alone-manifesto. However it is a call out to everyone who is roleplaying and trying to please everyone, trying to be likable, to just quit it and be genuine. Be kind to everyone (as far as you can), gentle and forgiving, but don’t go around giving a fuck about what everyone thinks, trying to be likable. Just respect your needs and teach people to respect you. And for everyone else, get a grip man. Just relax.

Happy summer dear ones. 

And i’ll be with you soon! 

Dharma’s summer schedule starts june 19! Visit www.dharmayoga.se for information and to get your summer access to all classes! 

// Alex

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