Searching for Dharma

Choose to obey.

"We can be unconscious slaves of the forces, or willing servants" - Ravi Ravindra. 

I'm thinking aloud. Forgive the inconsistencies.

How can i actually serve? I ask myself, what is my essential nature, that which will compel me? That which i am drawn to. And how to reconcile that, with the life i'm living? 

We must not believe that there is only one personal dharma, that will get us caught in a chase. I know. The conflict is much deeper than that. We should think in levels, and take regard for the change of seasons, as well as change of the quality of mind. 

I do believe though, that we have an essential calling, maybe it is weaved into and through the fabric of all levels, connecting them. And it may have nothing to do with our own ego will. It's all about submitting oneself to a higher will, or deeper, or just otherly. The courage, or the folly of this search... Which is it? Maybe a little of both. One needs to be a little crazy, and disenchanted, thankfully ego is a loyal servant. 

The choice, is to stand in ones integrity and obey the calling. Again, and again and again. Or not. However, we are compelled. We will get a new chance, another opportunity to obey. As you know.

You know how heroes are compelled ...? 

What is your skill? Find it. I've been told, that it is that thing that one is seriously good at and also, that it is ones responsibility to uphold order - and obey the calling, even it the face of conflict.

So we practice to see clearly, to live bravely, to trust Life. 

And so, may this be our calling, to take on this responsibility, to celebrate the mystery by accepting to do what we are compelled to, and stand fully in our awakenings. I wish to be a willing servant of my full potential.


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