It’s not OK! Wake Up part 1

There isn't a way around it, we need to do the REAL work ...

... And it's an emergency.

Yes there will be those people who don’t give a shit. Maybe you’re one of them. People who don’t give a shit at all, i mean, heck! One of them is the president of the mightiest nation in the world. And then there are loads of those who don’t give a shit on a smaller scale, like in my home town, (though not exclusively there), where still in spite of the obvious and alarming climate changes there’s an annual automobil festival - older American junk cars roam the streets with all the cultural sins that come with it, booze, sex and rock'n roll  - supported and sponsored by the City. Yes, they're everywhere, those who don’t give a shit, about change,  awareness and compassion, they’ll just go on in their usual habits, until shit hits their fan. 

But my hope and belief is, that there is a growing number of those who do give a shit. 

Now where is all this coming from?

Frustration. Pain. The death of Sudan the last Northern White Rhino... 

Lately i have been struggling with shame. I’m ashamed of humanity. It’s been going on for a while, it’s been overwhelming, it’s painful. As i witness the extinction of wild species, the stupidity of world leaders and the ignorance of our brothers and sisters i ask what more? What more is required for us to wake up? Of course shame doesn’t help. Neither does aimless frustration. But i need to say something.

We look at the world through our selfies, that is, not much of the World. We are addicted to our own point of view and we will do almost anything, buy anything, consume anything, believe anything, just as long as we don’t actually have to make a change. Because the truth is ”As long as i remain the way i am, i will not come truth”, and , ”The truth will set you free but it will piss you off first”. And then you’re pissed off and free.

Don’t you go do the ”yoga”, that keeps you locked up in our ignorance and denial. Spiritual practice and personal development are NOT as popularly stated, to make you feel good and successful. Call it meditation, but it doesn’t count unless you start to be practical and honest about yourself, your lifestyle, and the world around you. It doesn’t count unless it wakes you up.

Our awakening is of mighty urgency. We have a situation, and no Justice League is available to save us nor the world from ourselves. The acuteness of listening to Mother Earth and see our insanity is real. Start by, lifting your face from that small screen, and look out and deeply at the mess. 

To be continued in part 2 …



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