Breathe Me

We Share a Breath. The impersonal... 

... ALL, loving all, breathing all. The same Breath in all of us. 

How about that?! 

These past few weeks i've been inquiring and attempting to lead the journey towards opening to the Breathe of Awareness. (Easy-peasy - or not). It doesn't seem to work to just talk about it. As we all know, learning to ride a bike actually takes riding the bike. Just as one starts to get the hang of it, under the sunny sky, rain showers down challenging the balance, and vision, and the ground gets slippery, and all sorts of external dangers as well as worries from within swell up. And how easy is it then? We might even think our practice is not working, not worth the time. And to talk about some Loving Presence in the midst of it all ... 

I go back to the words of my teachers and the sages. The call to be present, to allow for Wonder to appear (and she appears in the weirdest places it seems). Clear your mind and allow for the situation to be an occasion for learning, an opening to a hint, rather then throwing in the towel.

 It might seem too esoteric to grasp, too large, too deep, too philosophical. Too naive. As we look around in the world, we find tragedies and much suffering.  Our Greed (which so much can be said about), is one of the world's nastiest diseases. What is the cure to this? How can we still speak of Love? 

So, what is the alternative? Let's say, our spiritual practices are just emotional and social constructs created for make believe, to make us feel better and so on. All things come in levels, very much so for awareness. Maybe we're just hanging around beneath level one, but maybe... not. What are our alternatives? 

Let's pretend that we truly are here (i.e  in this world) to learn and create, and that we are breathed by a Force, just waiting for us to answer the call (to get on that bike), and to be the occasion for something Great to evolve. How about that? Sounds pretty cool. What if ... we don't have to try so hard, but rather just arrive and let things be done, through us. You know that feeling of flow, or "being in the moment", or hit by an insight that carries you off... and suddenly it has all "been done". What if those moments can be lived on a regular basis? What is the starting point of those events? Do you know? Was it all your own doing? Was you're ego in charge? (Btw, i'm not dissing ego, it has a roll to play and we need it).

 I'm just inquiring, 'coz it seems interesting and i don't know. And the alternative to go about in a negative blur is exhausting, and passive. Maybe this is where surrender happens, in honest inquiry, in the breathing space of Awareness. 

Wouldn't it be cool, if it where so? That trust in a loving presence could give us wings and the courage (from the word heart - to be and act from the heart) to be that same loving presence.

How about we just play around, test it, try it, when nobody is looking at first, then, when all are looking. 

Open you're arms, look to the sky, repeat after me: Breathe me, and breathe through me! 

Let's play.

Love// Alex

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