Show Up! Keep Up!

Resilience. That deeply desired trait.

It means everything for our spiritual evolution, for our life. It means to bend, sway, linger and curve, but not brake. It means to be flexible, but having integrity. It is the opposite of rigidity, and plays with strength and awareness. 

Moving onwards into the first month of the new year, slowly, those resolutions, promises and ambitions start fading away. Old familiar routines set in and we get through our days by dreaming and eventually listening to some inspirational talk, thinking some day ...

I'm saying this, because i recognize it. But i'm not having it. Those routines are structures, framework that have us tied down to our current beliefs of ourselves and what we think is possible. We need to see them clearly as such. It may be so, that those structures are exactly what we need to proceed into our creative exciting life, but if you don't put them to scrutiny these structures might be to tight, giving no room for a sip of fresh air. So here's where the work must be done. Do i have a thing, which i dream of creating, doing, expressing in some way, and it's not happening? What are the conditions i have put myself in, or rather more gently or humbly, that i have been put in? These conditions will either make way for my work, reminding me of where i'm at and where i'm heading, or they may be locking doors. 

Seeing what the conditions are, we can start to find ways to use them for assistance, or change them. Yes, this requires a great deal of effort. But how much really, do you want to evolve, change, create? 

All that is in the way, are these questions. How deeply do you desire the Thing? How much are you willing to endure, to suffer for it, to sacrifice? 

And what will it mean to you to attain it? 

So, already, i have seen challenges coming that shake my bones. I see patterns creep up, and i notice my teachers, those who strengthen my patience and compassion, remind me of where i stand, and who i want to be. 

Resilience, is to lean into resistance, and let the resistance assist our growth. Exhale. I got you. 

We all have our own mountains to climb, but we need to actually start climbing and the higher we get, the more interesting the forces of nature will become, and the stronger and wiser we will be. There are no shortcuts, but please listen to good music on the way and have some laughs.

May we all be reminded of our Greatness and courageously be Great. 



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