Life is a circus

We are the stories we tell ourselves.

And they become the stories that we share, and they become our life. 

Stories, by their nature, can be changed, revised, nuanced, told with or without the sweet details. The storyteller changes with the story and the story with him. They are one, until they are separated and seen clearly. 

I saw The Greatest Showman at the movies. Wow! I wept and laughed, and was deeply touched by the play of forces. And of course by the skillful rendering of the Will of higher energy in contrast and cooperation with the will of man. Magic happens when these merge and are honored. It all happens in the Arena called Life. Everybody is called but only the brave and courageous will answer the calling and show up. 

You do not only have a right to be here, you are a wanted child of the Universe, known by name. You belong here, you are a spark of the Eternal, and your mission is to be an instrument  through which Source is expressed, in your uniqueness. 


I used to teach at the Theater. I miss it. The energy, the space, the creative vibrating potential in the air. The arts have always been a source of inspiration for me in all i do. 

They call to our authenticity, they remind us to breathe and exhale into the truest  version of ourselves. Now be reminded, as in all important things, there are the Arts, Wisdom, Truth, and then there are the institutions, those who claim the arts, and want to be keepers. These are different things.  Remind yourself, of who/what to Obey.

Go see the Greatest Showman in theaters now.



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