So long Scarlett!

Tomorrow is a new day.

But for now, we have today. 

As i write this now, i have music playing from the past year. All the most played songs of 2017. Each one has a memory, a place and time. The soundtrack of 2017 has been light and fearless and dramatic, and strengthening. The soundtrack to a heavy, challenging year. The music that has played in my ears at airports, through tears, through laughter, in asana practice, while cooking, while taking long walks, while dancing, writing, while being. 

Those long walks from Krotona Hill to Down Town Ojai (Southern California), i took every day for three weeks, in rain and in sunshine. The music put strength in my steps and joy in my heart.

Well what to say about this year? Shit i've struggled, i've been beaten emotionally, bitter to my core, scared shit, and brave as any superhero you've seen. Determined. 

But, this year has broken me open. Grace descends in surprising ways. She has blessed me with new insight and peace. Thanks to all of you who have been with me on this journey. Let's put on some music and dance our hearts out!

One thing i've decided on for next year, is that there will be much more laughing. 

Happy New Year! 

Love & Blessings


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