The Superhero of ordinary solitude

Those annoying noises we've been hushing...

... take the main stage when we suddenly find ourselves in quietude. 

Well, maybe not for you. 

The audience is made up of only myself. And the performers - the voices in my head, ego, all of those rolls, judgements, aches and boy oh boy - BOREDOM - set the greatest show ever. The freaks emerge when you're ready for them. I get a few days on my own, just me, longed for alone time, longed for retreat-in-my-own-home-time (although it would've been great to be in a sweet mountain village or by the sea, being fed and cared for while relaxing and restoring). Here they come, prancersizing along, on my nerves. 

Deep breath in. Exhale it all out.

So i had to watch Wonder Woman, to stay sane, to raise the Hero in me,  and since nobody else in the family wants to see it, AND i'm all alone... 

I have  a superhero indulgence, it's almost a condition. Not in that nerdy way, like knowing all the DC Comics and Marvel characters and all their stories and so on by heart. No, i don't know or care much for such things (however, if i may say, i am more of a DC Comics fan, and i find the Jedis very cool - yes that's Star Wars, i know, and of course, Neo means a great deal to me). I love, the idea of the Hero. The One - although they work in alliances. The Hero ignites hope and inspiration, and dreams. It's cool that they have superhuman characteristics, the flying, and the strength, and the intellectual genius. Most often they're super attractive - like super gorgeous - and they don't gain weight - ever - coz they don't seem to get hungry, ever.

But those aren't their significant superpowers.Naturally (did i say naturally? oh well ...) it does help to have the strength, speed and fearlessness of Wonder Woman or Superman, or any of the others, (money may also be a superpower). But ultimately, it's their humaness that creates the magic - the SuperHero-ness. Their ability to love, to doubt, to see all colors of life and enjoy them, their generosity and trust. But then, they are also practicing, to be centered, non-attachment - although they allow themselves to fall in love which can be tricky. They struggle to stay focused, and to cultivate self-awareness, and they grow stronger - these are human practices. 

And most importantly, they believe in something bigger then even themselves. They have compassion and tremendous courage. The quest of a hero, is both internal and external. The one is intimately linked to the other. They ARE good, with the capacity for all other things such as evil, but they choose goodness, and mankind, despite complexities.

With all this taken into account, superheroes are supercool, even on a bad hair day. And they make the rest of us look, well, just human. But! With the reminder being that we all have these super traits within (not the flying and super-strenght - unless you're Dwayne The Rock Johnsson) and we are all needed and wanted Ones with gifts at our fingertips to offer the world. 

Going back to my longed for solitude and quite - sort of - i am comforted by the slight resemblance of  my quest for the fulfillment of my Being - to that of the superhero's - don't laugh! It is a practice that requires some bravery and the willingness to be surprised. It is part of the hero's journey to venture into Self and to be in silence for a while (probably for more than a few days though). That IS where the ultimate relationship is revealed and the story we tell ourselves surfaces. This is where the action is. 

So if i may, i will go back now to my cave. And sit. And observe. And play some with my kittens.

Let the show begin.  

May we all be blessed into our SuperHero usefulness. 


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