Merciful Change

The Story Needs to Change.

I am to re-write it. Free from conditionings, traditions, culture and loyalty to a status quo not chosen willingly by me.

Enough of stories built upon fear and shame. Enough of role-playing and acting. Enough now. 

As the holidays approach, so do also the expectations and nervousness over getting it right, this time. A cocktail of hope, resentment, bitterness and longing is served at the doorstep. Yes these are The Days of Our Lives. Ever see that TV-soap? However crazy things got, it could and would get even worse. 

The stork must have dropped me a few blocks off, i think sometimes. (The thought got me while reading Clarissa Estes Pinkola's "Women Who Run With The Wolves"). But because of that, damn have i a story to tell! But now, it is mine, and to the best of my ability it is honest and authentic. I have been expressing it through actions and words for as long as i can remember, lingering in the darkness. 

Let's bring some shit into the light. And like alchemists, turn it into wild flowers and wonders while we howl at the moon.

Bring it on.


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