The Roar of Mother Earth

Mother Earth is raging, not out of fear or hatred, or fury, but out of fatigue.

Our effects upon her face have her painfully reacting.

This past week, i've been following the rages of the Thomas Fire in Southern California, sadly, now making its way north.

I can only imagine the emotional turmoil and suffering of the people watching their homes and land being swallowed by the ferocious fire, it's taking anything and everything in its path. From afar, all the way from snowy Sweden, tears, hope and despair mingle in the witnessing of the beloved sacred ground being destroyed.

A prayer, knows no distance. Nothing is too far from the heart when intention is present. Ojai is my spiritual home. She is my drop of heaven on Earth. Following the events almost compulsively through social media, i was grateful and blessed, to feel the grace of humanity emerge, not only in the midst of the wildfire rage, but because of it. The strong forces of nature meet the awesome forces of Love, prayer and compassion. I see courage in action.

They say Ojai has been miraculously spared to a great extent. The firefighters along with other Angels, and a wind that decided to rest saved the town and much of the natural surroundings. But many have lost their homes and a new struggle begins as they return to the ashes that remain. May the love and compassion that Ojai soaks in, give peace and strength to all. May homes and Lives rise stronger, like a Phoenix from the ashes. 



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