As we move into December, i hear Peace calling. 

There is no shortage of metaphors for peace. We picture her to be the same as that in the add for the perfect vacation, the perfect beach, that silent retreat ... And while all that and more might be portals to a taste of Peace, she isn't there waiting for you. The presence of Peace is constant. We just have to shut up and breathe. Stop rushing between the illusion of multitasking and mental time traveling. Be still (a worn out phrase), and do NOTHING. NOTHING is often the thing on the to-do list that never gets done. This doing Nothing, is not being lazy, or "killing time". No, this is a moment of going inwards, focusing on the Life Force, soaking yourself in It. Allowing yourself to release the need to be in control. Doing Nothing is very active. In Doing NOTHING Everything is possible. And all that truly is important and that needs to be done, will move forward from that Force. But it requires quiet attention, not quiet on the outside necessarily, but rather quiet on the inside. It requires you to engage. You must still show up, engage. 

As we move further into December, we light the candles, arrange all the colorful lights, get our invitations out for gatherings and parties and plan for the traditional celebration. All this is well and sweet, props are helpful. But we need also to remember to breathe deeply the breath of Life and allow for Nothing to happen, if only for a while. There, an infusion of Peace might occur, (or of the Christmas Spirit Itself).  We will light up the Holidays just by our Being. Present is no-thing, it is a Being. 

Be Present. 


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