From Darkness We Rise

Our senses awaken. We become who we are.

Performances are not needed. There is nobody to impress or rather nobody sees you. You, don't see you. In a surrounding of perfect blackness, only voices permeates through the darkness. A touch of skin may pass by. A distant scent in the air. Movement becomes close to the core and stretched out at the same time. The eyes and ears are at the tip of the fingers. 

Taste is mindfully exquisite. You need to chew. Small bites settle on the tongue lingering for a while, remembering.  

In the dark, we connect to ourselves, to breath, to energy. Movement is honest and sensual. After the illusion of being in someone's gaze, looking for approval, that dissipates and a longed for freedom emerges, out of the dark, in the dark.

Everything is seen quite clearly, inside. So when the lights go on again, the external shines with her vivid beauty, as if seen for the very first time. 

These senses, these superpowers within, such joy and energy and force they carry. Just turn off the lights, to see more clearly. 

Love// Alex

The experience is from a Dinner In The Dark experiment. Thank you David and Maria. May the force always be with you, and the answer to Life is 42.

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