The Gift that Never Stops Giving.

Awareness Is. And then, there is the awareness being cultivate about that which Is.

It's not that we ever get "there". That's the thing about Being on the Path. It's Being continually on the Path. I figure, if one would ever get "there", then that One would be obliged to support others, teach others to get "there", since nothing is won alone, or for oneself - as in a separate ego self. Awakening, is an awareness of the Whole. However, the path, while being on it with a community of likeminded searchers helps, and might even be essential to ones spiritual growth, we do the walking ourselves.  

 I have been on the path, for as long as i can remember. It's been a winding road, and sometimes i'm lost, actually most of the time. But since a few years back it's not a lost in a pejorative sense, no. More like, OK, here we are in somewhere-nowhere, let's see what comes next. It used to be: Where the fuck am i!? Get me outa here, I didn't ask for this!!

Nothing has become easier, just more, interesting, i'm more curious and fascinated. I realized, (for some something plainly obvious, for me, a recent epiphany), that the challenges don't go away, those difficult relationships, those hardships, the poop we need to clean up from time to time, they don't go away in physical reality. It's still poop that needs to be picked up, bad judgements that we have to suffer, difficult persons we need to communicate with, dirty dishes and a bad sense of humor ... But our perception of these things changes. The challenges come with a message and an opportunity. They seize to be intoxicating and painful, they might even seem to have gone away, but rather it is our mode of moving into the situation that has changed. The Seeing changes. We become wise. 

 And that's what makes life more fulfilling and interesting. As we grow into awareness and awakening, Life still Is but She changes for before our spiritual eyes. The beautiful is more beautiful, the difficult, is our challenge for growth, the spiritual weightlifting. Gratitude becomes a way of life. Not always a cheerful gratitude, but a graceful kind. 

One thing we can trust and know for sure, is that we will always have an opportunity to grow, if we accept the challenge. The Path is the Path, and if we choose to walk, she will lead. 

Love // Alex

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