Quest of Being

Trust your quest, it is your life unfolding.

A film collaboration with Johan Nyström of JN Filmproduktion, Quest of being

How would the journey of my life be illustrated? I never thought i'd actually have the opportunity to play the role in my own soundtrack, or call it, film.

I met him for the first time, when he came to an event, a movie screening i hosted. Johan walked up to me afterwards and just plainly asked, would you want to do this project with me? He said he was intrigued by me, and wanted to know more. I said no, of course. I'm not that type of person. Not one of the cool kids, no glamour here, i don't even own make up. So i gave him some other names he could go seek out. But he insisted and persisted. And i started to reconsider. Who would i be? What would i want to say? How often does a film maker come up and say, hey you're super interesting! Let's spend a day together so we can document  your essence! 

We booked a day. After several hours of takes, soulful conversation and plenty of drives to different locations, something beautiful emerged. Thank you. I'm happy i said yes, in the end.

This was a year ago, the summer of 2016. And still my truth, my journey.


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